VOL. 179
December  2016

Next Cruise in
Mar.25, 2017

Next Meeting
Jan.26, 2017
Mickey Penton:  President
Jim Kennedy: Vice President
Joe Spiers: Vice President
Judy Davis: Secretary/Tres


Johnny Adams
Bill Brumfield
Debbie Brumfield
Raymond Fore
Karen Gascho
Jim Kennedy
Elaine Nichelson
Jim O'Berry
Joe Spiers
Ann Stegall
Horace Stewart
Bart Vandrell
 Cruising for the Angel Tree Project       
                               ♥  ♪  ♫  ♥  ♪  ♫  ♥ ♪  ♫  ♥ ♪  ♫   
The Club Christmas party turned out Great!  It was a record crowd and the food was so good!
The band was rocking the house and our own, Mary Vince, sang a couple of Christmas songs!
Had a great crew of folks show up for our Angel Tree Run!
Mr Charlie has brought an invitation to the club members to join The Slidell Antique Auto Club
in a visit to the Henry Shane Car Museum in Metairie, January 21st. Leaving the cruise site at
8:45 to be admitted at 10am. Love to have 20 cars at least. This is a private showing and the
exhibits are vast, varied and fantastic! You will love it.